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Robert Fenty
Excellent trailer cover, very good fit and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
Thank you for your excellent service. You manufactured just what we wanted at a very competitive price. Fully recommended,You will be getting more ord...

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All our trailer tarpaulins are made from 640gsm to 900gsm top quality fabric. The material is manufactured from a polyester base cloth with a calendered PVC coating top and bottom. UV stabilised and rotproof. We use this material also to make tarpaulin for farm trailer, large boat covers, straw stack covers etc. The tarpaulin will give many years of service and in fact some of our customers have returned to have a repair carried out on sheets that are more than 10 years old !
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   They are:
  • 100 % waterproof, Suitable for:
  • Trucks, Boats
  • Industrial Applications
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Can be stencilled with a company logo, phone number, email address etc,
  • Available in Flame Retardant Material,
  • Huge range of colours,
  • All our trailer covers are finished to a very high standard with reinforced corners,
  • All hems are triple thickness with brass grommet eyelets,
  • Can be spliced with ropes or laced with bungee cord around,
  • We can provide different kinds of trailer hooks, fittings and accessories.